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The Geeks shall Inherit the Earth
As Sensual as a Pencil
I go ta new livejournal.
Because I just cleaned my room
and my pantry
and my basement
So...it's time for a new one.

Username: I_like_France.
I haven't started using it yet, but I will when school gets back in session.
4commentsI was on the moon when you were born
I also just realized that I hate all my clothes.
I'm so fucking sick of my closet full of green.
I'm so dumb.
So Dumb.

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I was on the moon when you were born

Okay, shit that lj cut didn't work.
But fuck that.
Because my sister just changed my desktop layout from spruce to eggplant and now I can't read the fucking screen.


I was on the moon when you were born
So I come out of a two-week due-to-illness solitary confinement to find--whatever.
We can talk about this once I'm rational.  It's not like I don't have other things to deal with anyway.

...Wow, that was a productive post.

I guess my BU Class of '11 News is kind of ecclipsed now, eh?  

And I hate Price Chopper.  Where is teh Subhan?

Also, Kyle, pick up your damn phone!!

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3commentsI was on the moon when you were born

This little film that has taken me ages to edit and reformat has finally posted on YouTube. Go see it, because...actually, you probably shouldn't. It's not even a film--it's a montage.lolzorz.
I was on the moon when you were born
H'ok. So.

Last night was semi-formal. That was a riot.

I'm working on a short film right now. Actually, it's just a montage. And actually, it's done. I just need it to post on YouTube properly.

Third, the Italian Prime minister makes me LOL.

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I was on the moon when you were born
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That is all.

Current Mood: grateful :)

2commentsI was on the moon when you were born
So, I pretty much had the best week of my life. See: last (super-vague) entry.
Miraculous things happened.

1--I got something I had wanted for a really long time. I can't really explain this until the situation further develops, but I am very happy about this.

2--I got accepted into Cornell. I found out last Friday, screamed in my driveway, laughed a little, cried a little, you know. This is the first school I've heard from so far, and it was my reach school. It's just...wow. My parents no longer have to doubt my potential anymore, because there's tangible evidence that I have any.

3--I found out I don't have a horrible life-long disease! This is always good.

4--I can't remember this last one.

Lots of amazing moments.
~~I watched 'Unfaithful' two times in a row last Saturday. Because it was on TV two times in a row. How I adore that movie. Oy.
~~work wasn't horrible.
~~I got on the honour roll.
~~I got a decent paycheck.
~~Manchula caught me and Christina catching him watching porn on his computer. Well, it was probably porn.
~~Went on adventures with Jenny and Maggie during school.
~~watched the graduate
~~listened to lots of Simon and Garfunkel.
5commentsI was on the moon when you were born
I am ready for amazing things to happen.
This last week, it feels like my life has really come together.
I'm not going to say what has happened so far, I don't want to jinx myself.
But we'll see how this week goes first.


I couldn't be squealier.
Or more vague.

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2commentsI was on the moon when you were born
in my pants because I'm boredCollapse )
I was on the moon when you were born
H'okay. So.  Here's my world.
Nothing new is happening, except I'm going on this Caribbean escapade with the Polish mad, so I guess I'm not going to be in school for a week.  As far as make-up work goes, it means I have to rent and watch "The Graduate", and do an essay on "The Godfather" for Film class.

I had a meeting at PRice CHopper today.  They're bribing us to do good customer service by offering fifty dollar gift cards to iTUnes, Barnes and Noble's, Home Depot, etc.  It's propaganda, but I guess that's why it works, because the low wages mean I normally can't afford books anyway.  I'm such a proletarian, it's sickening.

I finished reading the Godfather.  It's good,b ut the film is like 100x times better.  On the other hand, the book version of "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" is cazillions muchos better than the film.  Which is a fascimile of a sham.

<lj-cut text= "harvard">
Harvard trip was lovely, espesh considering I was 
A) with Dunne
B) the only senior.
Pretty much, I just did congress and obsessed over Armani with Mike Gormley.  He is my new soul mate.
There's really nothing to say.  All my pictures are on facebook, and all of y'all have a facebook. So...go see them, they're quite funny.

One of the best moments was when CBAHN got off the subway, and MRS SLAVIS was NOT WITH US.  So, for about 5 minutes we all panicked and angsted and Ms. Dunne hollered a lot-but then Magical Mr. Vigars led us to safety at Harvard.  Upon arriving at Harvard Hall, we came upon MRS. SLAVIS, who had MAGICALLY APPEARED.  Sly one, she is.

I now have a YouTube, it's VeronicaLovesSweden.

Today, I bought Baby Goldfish.  They're goldfish crackers (Maxine) only, baby-sized.  They're adorable and delicious.


I officially have no train of thought.
That is all.
You stay classy, Albany.

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3commentsI was on the moon when you were born
So obviously I'm not at the Rusted Root concert.
My dad's a bit of a fuck-arse.
I was on the moon when you were born
I wish I was okay with the way things are.
I wish some of my friends loved me a little more.
I wish so and so was madly in love with me (partly for ego points
I wish I had a little more time for myself
I wish I could control myself when faced with chocolate
I wish I weren't in the habit of pushing people away as soon as they get close to me
I wish I were good at reading signals so I would know if so and so liked me
I wish I were dating a co-worker. Because then we could share advantedge cards.

But there are some good things in life, I suppose

life in plusses and minussesCollapse )

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I was on the moon when you were born

Does anyone get the feeling that CVS purposely hires very careless, sleep-deprived people?
I keep getting the feeling that I could just waltz in and out without paying for things.
 I wonder what would happen if my little sister went up to the counter and asked for a package of Parliaments.  Do they even card at that place? Or do they just really need some Starbucks.

H"ANNNNYWAY. Back to AP English.

6commentsI was on the moon when you were born

So, basically, I haven't spoken up in a while now.
What's new, you may ask?

Une, college interview on Tuesday. For Cornell. Don't feel like it, won't get in.

Deux, I had a really scary dream last night.  Well, actually, it was the heavy symbolism of the dream that was scary.  The dream itself was nice, but is now probing me to confront unresolved issues about my relationships with certain people.  And I really don't want to do that, I just want to wallow in my own self-pity and act like I'm okay with everything.  Because I am, okay with things, I mean.

Next, kudos to me for singlehandedly booking the school's Martin Luther King speaker, a proffessor Thornton from SUNY Albs.  Head of the African Studies department, supposed to be a very prestigious one in the area.  So, this is good for my karma, perhaps.


Fifth, why am I such a procrastinator?  LaSalle military is in ...what...two-ish...weeks? I'm going.  Have I thought about getting a dress?  Do I even know what TIME the thing is? Of course not. I fail.

Sixth, for the first time in two weeks I haven't felt like I'm going to be fired from Price Chopper.  Which so happens to be where I recently sighted the glorious thing of COURTNEY SIMS. SHOUT OUT, I love you.

Finally, I really miss my friends. Badly.  I never have time to do anything with them anymore, so as of now, I'm going to fucking make time.  I mean, the last time I went out with anyone to do something...well, actually, it was on Saturday.  I went to see <i> Night at the Museum </i> with Aaron.  And that was fun, because we ate Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans in the dark and I got vomit and starting coughing in the movie theatre BUT ANYWAY...I need to reconnect with the people that are so massively important to me.  I want to have a party, film Dinosaurs in the Lightning, go Larking, maybe go to Alt. prom, and eat marshmellows all day long.  BEFORE we all go to college and go our separate ways, eh?  

Which brings me to my next point. New Year's Resolutions.
1.  I resolve to make time for all my friends.  
2.  I resolve to read 50 new books.
3.  I resolve to do one good deed everyday.
4.  I resolve not to be a jerk.
5.  I resolve to read one book in Spanish. And more in Polish.


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4commentsI was on the moon when you were born